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Perfect Pour


#1 The System
How It Works
Diagram showing the process of how the system works. Millenium glycol chiller. CR 32 cold blocks chill beer independently from walk-in to 32 degrees for high volumes. 32 degrees at taps from warm walk-in at high volumes. Warm walk-in greater than 40 degrees.

#2 Switchboy
The Brain Behind the System
Switchboy. The brain behind the system. Image showing components.

#3 Just Add a Few Hoses

Photo of hoses of the system

#4 State of the Art Beer Dispensing

Covered bar showing empty glasses next to taps.

#5 Add an Extra Chill to the Glass.

Plus, the Perfect Amount with a Touch of a Button
Person holding empty beer stein
Person filling beer glass from tap system.

#6 Add the Snow Rails
To Keep Your Perfect Beer Icy Cold!
Full Das Boot beer glass